Bedminster, BS3 5JJ

Multi use arts space: 2011-13


A space where people come to create, learn, teach and play in a safe and friendly environment.’ Bristol City Council worked with Artspace Lifespace and the Home and Communities Agency to create spaces for creative, educational and community activity at the ex Bristol City College. There was a growing and diverse community of artists, community groups and social activists based at The College and a broad schedule of activities; ranging from martial arts to community garden projects.  The community have now dispersed.

‘There was that time we had an amazing bonfire night event with thirty foot burning skeleton, exploding pumpkins and huge starbursts overhead for the entire neighbourhood to see.’

‘There was that time rats invaded the caretaker’s lodge and we kept a tally of “rats versus humans” on the bathroom wall in sharpie.’

Status: Inactive

FutureRedeveloped planned for the site.



Photo credit: Panoramic image by Joe Clarke