Silver Street, BS1 2AG

Creative Youth Centre: 2012-present


An old Fire Station, formerly used by Invisible Circus/ArtSpace LifeSpace; who famously hosted Carnyville in the courtyard, complete with fire tower. The Station is now a centre for young people managed by The Creative Youth Network, offering a variety of services including; YMCA led café called The Kitchen, Brook sexual health clinic, Off the Record counselling and mentality counselling, recording studios, housing support, visual arts gallery, workshop space, venue space, meeting rooms and dance studio all of which were designed for and by young people but finished to the highest professional specifications. The Station is one of the nation Myplace Centres and the largest of it’s kind in the South West of England. The aim of the venue is to unlock the potential of young people no matter what their background is and to provide support and opportunities. On top of this it’s a grade listed II building with some of the longest fireman’s poles in Europe!

Status: Active

Future: Secure, owned by Creative Youth Network.