Article by Ruth Essex and Sue Ball, about Meanwhile Use: A Hidden Economy: A Critical Review of Meanwhile Use: Download

Case study; Artist Thiastre Gates: Download

The Quirk Review  of community management and ownership of community assets (2007). Download | Download

Guidance notes on meanwhile use leases, gives a useful indication of what Landlords consider important: Download

Case study: of a charity based in London, working nationally. The Meanwhile Foundation is a newly formed national charity, to promote the temporary use of vacant property and carry tenancies on them. TMF supports a number of temporary use projects to sit alongside major and capital intensive regeneration programmes. Download | Download

Report written by Peter Boyden on Culture, Creativity and Regeneration in Bristol (2013). Download

Report written about effective models for meanwhile use, by architect Shankari Edgar. Download

Report by Dan Thompson offers case studies from successful short-term use projects in the UK and reflects on what’s needed for high streets to thrive and more projects to take seed. Download

Impact Assessment on Discretionary Rates Relief in Bristol (2013): Download

SVA Meanwhile Lease document: Download

Meanwhile use leases and guidance for landlords: Download

Capacity Bristol Toolkit: Download