All Hallows Road, Easton, BS5 0HH

Community space: 2013-


All Hallows Hall is a Grade II listed building, formerly a parish hall, which had been stood empty for 7 years. All Hallows Hall has gone from being a vacant, dangerous eyesore to a busy hub of activity. Currently community cooperative is renovating and running the hall for community use; providing a skill-share centre where people can get hands-on, practical training in a variety of disciplines, hosting events and regular ping-pong games.

‘There was that time when we got chucked out of a space- and we just had to be like water and go somewhere else. We are always ready to move, we have to be ready.’

‘There was that time when we first moved in and we spent days cleaning inch thick pigeon shit off every surface.’

Status: Active.

Future: Temporary agreement with a landlord, one month’s notice required.